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Friday Night Fiesta

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If you’ve been to The Ranch, then you know about the Friday Night Fiesta! After a week of working out, eating healthy and “being good,” at The Ranch, Friday night is all about letting go and celebrating!  I recently had the chance to be an observer to the fiesta and it was great to see the energy in the Dining Hall. Everyone was pumped!  Usually at The Ranch exercise clothes are the norm, but on Friday night everyone was dressed up looking fabulous. It’s not dinner as usual, and there are some special parts that aren’t part of the dinner experience any other night. First, there’s wine! While we’re all about health at the Ranch, there is something to be said about celebrating and balance too. Having a glass of wine at the end of a long week of fitness, relaxation and wellness is a special treat.

Over dinner, our very own Ranch employees join to form a band and serenade the guests. I must say, they were really, really good! I was very impressed that some of the staff I see every time I visit The Ranch are amazing musicians. So… music + wine = what? Dancing perhaps? Yes, I’m sure you could tell by the photos! After dinner, there is a lot of dancing, all kick started by our own Yuichi! Yuichi is a professional dancer and has been performing at The Ranch for years. He is a riot! The guests love him and he really gets the dance party going. So as you can see, if you come to RLP, you cannot miss out on the Friday Night Fiesta!



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