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Moving with Grace Yoga Practice

yoga at rancho la puerta

It’s always a pleasure to attend Shayne and River Morgan’s annual Yoga for Every B.O.D.Y. series at The Ranch.  They are amazing teachers that work together in perfect unison.  I always feel wonderful after their classes, which feature simple yet surprisingly effective yoga stretches.

The class in their series that I attended was called Moving with Grace.  I was drawn to the title of the class because I’ve never considered myself a graceful person.  I’m so glad I took it because it taught me some tips to incorporate into my regular yoga practice at home.  I especially appreciated their tips to make myself more graceful between pose transitions.

When it comes to moving with grace, Shayne and River suggest that you slow down and move like you’re in water.  Don’t be in a hurry.  It’s not just about breath to movement.  A graceful yoga practice is about feeling the transition between poses rather than rushing from one pose to another.

To move with grace, think of moving in micro-movements instead of one large movement.  For example, when moving into a swan dive from mountain pose, experience each movement as you glide through the air down to your toes.

Again, the number one thing you can do to move with Grace is to slow down. Don’t  hurry!  Enjoy each microsecond of each movement.  In doing so, I found myself feeling graceful.  Amazing.

Shayne and River are an inspiring mother/daughter duo from Aspen Colorado who have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Aspen Peak Magazine, Yoga Journal, Gaiam Catalogues, Healthy Planet, and Elephant Magazine.


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