TRX Combo Class


Our TRX combo class is a full body workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping.  Trust me, I’ve done it.  This class consists of different stations, four that include use of the TRX straps.  Now if you’ve never done TRX, it is just a strap that hangs down from the ceiling that allows you to do a multitude of different exercises; squats, leg lifts, and the plank among others.  Other workout components of the class are kettle bells, push ups and a huge rope that you stand and shake (sounds easier than it is and is a great workout for your arms).  We went through each station twice.  For me the plank with the TRX strap was the hardest, but I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it!  Coco was the teacher and did a great job at coming around to help us at each station.  I have to say, this is one of the best workouts I’ve had at the Ranch and is definitely recommended for toning and strength training.

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