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Listening to Your Inner Wild

ranch3130012A week ago I took a class called Listening to Your Inner Wild with Terry Laszlo-Gopadze and Mary Reynolds Thompson.  Truth be told, I had no idea what it was about, but it sounded intriguing.  In my mind I was picturing being one with nature out in the wild, and living off the land.  Well, in this case they were talking about wild in a different sense.  The “wild” the class was referring to is the wild within us or as most of us call it, our gut.

The class was done in a unique way that was much more impactful than just discussing why it’s a good idea to listen to your gut.  It was done through storytelling.  One of our teachers, Terry, told a story that was passed on to her about a woman who was having dreams and visions of the tsunami and devastation in Thailand and Sri Lanka before it happened.  Her gut told her she needed to travel there to help the locals.  However, at this point, she wasn’t really sure why she was needed.  However, after the tsunami hit, it became apparent that this was her calling.  It was a powerful story, something I think every one of us in the class could relate to.

The next process in the class was to write down a time when either we listened to our inner voices or didn’t and what the outcome was.  For me, I wrote about moving down to Leucadia in San Diego.  I had fallen in love with Leucadia when I was nineteen while traveling down to Mexico with my family.  We stopped in there for some reason that I can’t remember, but I what I do remember was that I wanted to go back.  In case you’ve never heard of Leucadia, it’s a little surf town with a bohemian vibe right on these beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea.

Fast forward to when I was 27.  My roommate and I were visiting her boyfriend in North County San Diego.  One day we happened to visit Leucadia.  I had remembered it in faded memories in my mind as I place I always wanted to go back to, but had seemed lost in the stretch of beaches south of Los Angeles.  And here it was again!  I think I made the decision that day to move from LA to San Diego and I did.  I landed in Leucadia three months later in a house two blocks from the beach during a particularly beautiful August.  Two months after that, I met my husband and six years later I’m still in North County San Diego.  I’m not in Leucadia anymore, but my goal is to settle there someday.  In the meantime I make due with being about twenty minutes away.

Sometimes I think, what if I didn’t listen to my gut?  And the truth is I don’t want to even think about that because I’m so happy I did.  After everyone wrote their stories, some even had the courage to stand in front of the class and read theirs.  It was a really touching experience listening to my classmates because we could all relate in some way, no matter how different each of our stories were.

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