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On June 8, 2018, countries around the world celebrated the 16th annual World Ocean Day. A day later Rancho La Puerta celebrated its third annual Global Wellness Day in Tecate, Baja California. Both events focused on the reduction of plastics to keep rivers and oceans clean.

Over my 15 years at The Ranch, I’ve been involved in multiple Tecate cleanups and can attest to the massive amounts of waste collected on a regular basis. The waste is primarily plastic bottles and bags that end up on the streets, parks, and our own Tecate River. Knowing that only 9% of the plastics produced make it through the recycling process, it is no wonder that our oceans, lakes, and rivers are so polluted.

At Rancho La Puerta we have taken a stand against plastic consumption. We have replaced most plastics with biodegradable options, and while we are proud of these efforts, we want to do more to contribute to a healthier environment. In August 2018, we will stop providing our guests with Rancho La Puerta plastic water bottles. Every year we purchase more than 10,000 of these bottles to provide an easy way to carry water and stay hydrated. We now want to partner with our guests to further reduce plastic consumption.

water bottle

Please help us fulfill this commitment by bringing your favorite water bottle with you on your next visit. There are several water stations throughout The Ranch, and each casita has its own drinking water system. Should you prefer not to bring your own bottle, the Mercado carries metal bottles at cost. In exchange for your support of this initiative, Rancho La Puerta will donate its entire annual water bottle budget to Fundación La Puerta. These funds will be dedicated to river clean ups and plastic waste reduction education projects.

We are confident that these actions will allow us to make a difference in our community, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve this goal.

With gratitude,

Roberto Arjona

Chief Executive Officer

Rancho La Puerta

Learn more about The Ranch’s green initiatives.



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