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Rancho La Puerta translated means “Ranch of the Door.” A Ranch vacation invites you to “open your door” to a healthier, more balanced life.

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Fitness Activities

Promos-220_video6_5Rancho La Puerta offers a host of fitness classes, including ab conditioning, indoor cycling, and water workouts.

Special Presentations

Promos-220_video6_9You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a top entertainer’s performance, dance to a live band, participate in a night of bingo with an edge, hear an expert’s thought-provoking lecture or a take in a nightly movie. Each week at the Ranch is different.


Promos-220_video6_Our Mindfulness/Reflection classes will help you tune in to your own spirit and navigate your inner terrain without the constant bombardment of outside distractions.

Cooking School and Culinary Center

Promos-220_video6_8Set in the heart of our six-acre farm, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings!”) celebrates the magical results of cooking with just-picked organic ingredients.

Organic Farm

Promos-220_video6_7The farm is a vibrant tapestry of orchards, intensively planted raised beds, and herbs—all of them managed via the organic and sustainable practices that have guided us since 1940.

Dining At The Ranch

Promos-220_video6_4The grand Spanish Colonial dining room at Rancho La Puerta, complete with a spiral staircase winding around a central fireplace, symbolizes the convivial atmosphere so important to the Ranch experience.

Spa Experience

Promos-220_video6_2Our three health and beauty centers will be your sanctuaries for the week, each staffed by skilled estheticians and therapists who have been widely trained…and often cross-trained in several disciplines.



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