The Art of Exercising and Beyond®

THE GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a complete movement system, for all levels and ages, and can be applied to a variety of situations, as one needs very little equipment. It incorporates many key principles from yoga, dance, swimming, and Tai Chi. Mobilization of the spine and joints through a series of arching, curling, undulation and spiraling movements, bring muscular strength and flexibility, joint lubrication, a massaging of the internal organs and vitality to the entire body.  The corresponding breathing patterns in every movement help to stimulate the nervous system and open up energy pathways. Rhythm, movement, & breath are the key elements of this system accessible for all fitness levels.

GYROKINESIS® is the non equipment branch of the
GYROTONIC®, is the equipment branch.


This class begins seated on a stool utilizing small movements of the spine which are circular or spiral in look and feel. Using breath, rhythm and pulsating movements to gently open the spine and joints, massage internal organs, stretches muscles, nerves, tendons and increases an overall sense of well being. Respiratory strength, a release of tension, detoxification with specific breathing patterns, and profound core body strength are among the benefits of a regular practice. Additionally, it helps to develop and brings a deeper awareness to one’s authentic self.


Gyrotonic The Pulley Tower®

If you have never seen the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® demonstrated on equipment,

this is your rare opportunity to visually observe, and ask questions.  The Combination Pulley Tower is the most popular piece of equipment in this modality and benefits include an increase in bone strength and density, neuromuscular stimulation, as well as an increase in vitality and your joint mobility and range of motion.

Depending on the individual, the Combination Pulley Tower can be the more appropriate environment for an individual because of the supportive aspect to the appendages and spine at times.

Gyrotonic Tower Demonstration®

A demonstration is scheduled once or twice per week, and private sessions are available from one of our licensed GYROTONIC® instructors. Please inquire.


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