Set in a vineyard, our Pilates studio provides a beautiful home for many of our private and semi-private Pilates classes. We have several expert instructors on staff. Larger group (mat) classes are held in several of our gyms. Check Specialty Weeks for Pilates Specialty Presenters and their Pilates focus weeks.


Pilates Arc Barrel

Pilates Arc Barrel: Level 2

The Pilates Arc is a wonderful prop used to deepen your core experience and clarify the key concepts to the Pilates method.  The Arc can be used to modify (decrease intensity) or challenge (increase intensity) the specific exercise.  Pilates fundamentals highly recommended, but not required.

Pilates Cadillac Fundamentals

An introduction to the Pilates Cadillac for a Reformer experienced group of us to 6 guests.  The Cadillac offers another dimension to the Pilates equipment experience.  Pilates Reformer experience is highly recommended with no serious physical limitations due to the group setting for your safety (Level 1.5)

Pilates Fundamentals Mat, Level 1

Pilates Mat: Fundamentals (Progressive)

This introductory level mat class is geared for those who are novices with this method or need a refresher on the fundamental basics.  A progressive experience designed to prepare you for the more challenging aspects of this core strengthening methodology.

Pilates Intermediate Mat, Level 2

Pilates Mat: Level 2

This intermediate level mat class focuses on challenging you with higher intensity variations, greater coordinated control of the entire body, and continual transitions for a mentally and physically strength building workout.

Pilates Reformer: Fundamentals

A group of up to 6 for those who have never been or hardly been on the Pilates Reformer and wish to experience a fundamental basics class.  Previous Pilates mat experience highly preferred. (Level 1)

Pilates Reformer: Level 2

This group equipment class for up to 6, is for those who regularly take reformer classes, as it is faster paced with more complex exercises included in the repertoire. Due to the group setting, no serious physical limitations are highly recommended for your safety.

Pilates Twenty/20

Our most challenging group Pilates group equipment class for up to 6 guests, who are experienced on BOTH the Reformer and the Cadillac.  Two groups of 3 guests each, perform 20 minutes of Reformer exercises and 20 minutes of Cadillac exercises, and then switch places. BOTH Reformer and Cadillac experience is a must due the fact the groups must be able to work on their own for short periods of time.

For your safety and optimal experience, no serious physical limitations, please.

Level 2 class.


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