We need only lift something—or simply to try to maintain proper posture throughout the day—to be reminded of our physical strength—or lack thereof. The Ranch’s approach to strengthening muscles through proper technique and exercise variety is second to none.


Baja Barre

This class offers the best of two worlds – all the fun, intensity, and technique of a traditional ballet barre class with movements and musical influences from south of the border. Enjoy all the exercises that make this type of class so effective, and focus on lengthening and toning your body. All levels are welcome, and no dance experience is required.

BUSO Fit at Rancho La Puerta

Bosu Balance

Enjoy movement challenges and games with the BOSU designed to increase your balance and overall reaction time. A great way to take your balance training to the next level!


This 45 min total body workout uses the unstable and constantly changing surface of the BOSU to train your balance, agility and overall strength. A dynamic and creative way to increase your functional strength and stamina.

Core Challenge

Core Challenge

A 30-minute core workout that perfectly targets and strengthens the mid-section muscles.

Kettlebells: Level 2

Kettlebells: Level 2

A unique training tool for building deep down strength. Think of a cannon ball with a handle. Kettlebells will challenge your arms, legs, and core to the max. (Level 2)

Open Wight Room

Open Weight Room

Work out in Azteca Gym on HOIST fitness equipment, plus treadmills, bikes, free weights, ellipticals, and more.

Pump It

These barbell classes use light to moderate weights with lots of repetition to tone and strengthen your whole body. Connect the best weight-room moves like squats, curls, and lunges with music and enjoy a fun and effective workout.

Ranch Ropes at Rancho La Puerta

Ranch Ropes

High intensity, low impact, full body workout utilizing large training ropes. Sequenced drills in progressive strength, cardio and power formats.

Stability Ball

Stability Ball

Join us in this fun 30 min workout. Class is focused on building strength, balance, coordination and endurance.

TRX Cardio: Level 2-3 at Rancho La Puerta

TRX Cardio: Level 2

Fast moving TRX class that works the entire body and includes a 2-4 minute dedicated Cardio section.  Cardio moves are done on and off the straps.  Each individual is encouraged to choose a difficulty level at the the upper edge of their ability.  TRX experience required.

TRX Combo: Level 2

TRX Circuit

Enjoy a combination of land based and suspension exercises in a fast paced circuit format.

TRX Basics

TRX Fundamentals

A suspension strap training system with unlimited versatility to tap into your balance and joint control. Learn strap management and basic movements to help you find total body power in a small group setting.


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