Trail Runs

If you’re a casual runner, training for a race, or looking for the perfect place to recover after a big run — our Running Retreat is for you. You will trail run, cross-train, skill-build, stretch, rest, relax…and have plenty of fun!

Our activities will help you stay in peak shape for your next big run:

  • Trail run on scenic mountains, throughout meadows, and on a track
  • Choose from a myriad of fitness classes that can enhance your running performance
  • Recover with foam roller stretches, yoga classes, and recovery workouts
  • Rest deeply with spa treatments tailored to runners, such as Sports Massages
  • Chat with our Running Concierge for great Ranch running tips

Learn more about our Running Retreat.

Trail Run: Lowlands

Cottontail Trail: Mountain 9 Miles

Advanced runners will enjoy this challenging, steep and fun run. Those who adventure on the Cottontail Trail will be rewarded with majestic, stunning and far-reaching views.

Trail Runs: Mountain

Coyote Trail: Mountain 4 – 6 Miles

Push yourself with elevation gains and enjoy scenic vistas of The Ranch and Kuchumaa Mountain.

Roadrunner Trail Run

Roadrunner Trail Run: Challenging 5 Miles

Embark on a three, four, or five mile run on rolling hills, which weaves through serene meadows and chaparral.  This is a great training run if you are preparing for a race.


Running Clinic

Learn the time-tested drills incorporated by runners of all experience/ability levels to maximize efficiency in your running stride.  This class is an interval training format and is accessible to any fitness level.


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