What’s Growing?

Tres Estrellas farm and Salvador Tinajero
The organic farm of Rancho La Puerta, known as “Rancho Tres Estrellas” (Three Stars Ranch), was created in its most modern iteration by the Ranch’s president Sarah Livia Brightwood. Here row after row stretch like a magic carpet beneath the slopes of Mt. Kuchumaa. During your visit you’ll tour the gardens with Salvador—unquestionably one of the world’s most talented and enthusiastic gardeners! Fruits and vegetables from the farm are mainstays in recipes at both La Cocina Que Canta and the Ranch’s main dining room.

Located at approximately 1,700 feet elevation, the farm employs a variety of organic farming techniques to create a sustainable system in concert with both the earth and the seasons. Although the overall climate is relatively mild year-round, we’re just a touch too high to support citrus groves or avocados. Canning, drying, and an extensive root cellar prolong availability of certain key ingredients.


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