We believe that by combining the transformative experiences offered at the Ranch with a personalized health plan from Lifewellness Institute, our guests have a unique opportunity to develop and put into action, individualized plans for long-term health and wellness.

Roberto Arjona, Chief Executive, Rancho La Puerta

Executive Wellness Program

Our individualized health package is about fully engaging our guests in a partnership dedicated to their wellness. It’s about recalibrating priorities, considering alternative perspectives, and creating possibilities, all with the goal of realizing maximum health potential.


Our Executive Wellness Program is like no other integrative health program. The expert staff at Rancho La Puerta, together with the Lifewellness professionals, will tailor a wellness program to meet your specific needs and address your individual goals as they pertain to your long-term health.

  • Our package includes:A one-night stay at a hotel conveniently located near the Life Wellness Institute and the San Diego airport.
  • A five-and-a-half hour comprehensive wellness exam that includes lunch with your assigned physician and a USB drive with your results.
  • A seven-night stay at Rancho La Puerta (Saturday to Saturday) in our Ranchera casitas.
  • Two one-on-one follow-up meetings with a Ranch nutritionist and exercise specialist.

$6950.00* per person +tax

acrobat2011  Executive Wellness Brochure

*Upgrades, add-ons, and spa services are available at an additional cost. Some restrictions may apply. Price is for one-week stays, shorter stay may be available. Executive Wellness program must be booked one month in advance, and is subject to availability. This package cannot be combined with other promotions or special offers.

Additional Services and Upgrade Options

Additional Services:
You can add spa services and one-on-one consultations with Ranch Specialists.

Upgrade Option:
You may choose to participate in the year-long Chief Wellness Officer Program. This option includes access to a Lifewellness physician via email, phone and short-notice appointments; 12 months of personal nutrition guidance with a registered dietician; 12 months of exercise coaching with a licensed exercise physiologist; and other coaching and mentoring. A complete list of the additional benefits included in this upgrade can be viewed at www.mylwi.com.

The Program

Rancho La Puerta & Lifewellness Institute Executive Wellness Program

What it is and why it's unique

Executive_Wellness_1The Rancho La Puerta/Lifewellness Executive Wellness Program is a comprehensive health assessment tailored to you as an individual.

We know guests of Rancho La Puerta value wellness, with special attention to the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Because of this, collaborating with the Lifewellness Institute is a natural extension of the over arching goals we all strive for: Optimum health and wellbeing.

During the physical exam, you are not a ten-minute visit. You are not a knee injury, or an inflammatory process to be noted in a chart and referred to busy specialists. Our Executive Wellness Program is designed to meet your specific health needs and concerns. Our experts will work in concert with you to develop a lifestyle rooted in integrative practice.

The Specialists

Executive_Wellness_3What makes our Executive Wellness Program uniquely comprehensive are the licensed professionals spearheading your care, and their laser-like focus on you as an individual. You will have access to, and conferences with, a physician, a nutritionist, an exercise specialist, and numerous fitness experts. This group of professionals will collaborate and provide guidance in every aspect of your health, from how to interpret a specific lab test, to which foods to indulge in, to the fitness classes and spa visits most appropriate for your needs and goals.

My Role

Executive_Wellness_5Engagement is key to success. Your dedication and commitment to long-term lifestyle changes are the primary factors in reaching and maintaining optimal wellness. How you view your lifestyle, the goals you set, the adjustments you wish to make, and what you are willing to do to maintain those changes, all contribute to your success in the Executive Wellness Program. Participation is the first step in creating lifelong wellness, and with our team of professionals guiding you, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Our experts will conduct a thorough review of your overall health status, lifestyle trends, past illnesses, and evaluate your risk of future disease. We will then utilize this comprehensive profile of your overall health status to develop an individualized wellness program. Your team will work to help you reduce stress, injury, and illness; to improve your motivation, mood, and sleep habits. And we will provide tools and support necessary for you to realize—and maintain—your maximum health potential.

The Evaluation

Executive_Wellness_2The Rancho La Puerta/Lifewellness Executive Wellness Program will personalize your health care and take it to a whole new level. In addition to the services included in your seven-day stay at The Ranch, the Executive Wellness Program encompasses pre-arrival interviews and follow-up sessions with expert team members. In order to create a clear and thorough profile of your overall health, the following assessments will be conducted:

Initial consultation with a medical professional
Extensive comprehensive medical history & exam
Gynecological exam (for women)
Ultrasound screening of liver, carotid arteries, thyroid and abdominal aorta
Nutrition consultation by a registered dietician
Healthy lifestyle consultation (with a physician)
DEXA scan (bone density & body composition)
Chest X-ray (if needed)
Vision, hearing, and spirometry (lung function)
Fitness consultation (with an exercise physiologist)
ECG & cardiometabolic stress testing (at rest and while exercising)
Resting Metabolic Rate
Strength & Flexibility Testing
Posture Assessment

Laboratory Testing:
Advance lipid profiling
Liver function
Kidney function
Complete blood count
Calcium stores
Thyroid function
C-reactive protein
PSA (for men)
Blood sugar & diabetes screening
Vitamin D
Complete metabolic panel
Additional studies when indicated
Follow-up with physician
Summary letter & binder with results
USB drive with results
Follow-up consultation with program adviser

Your Stay

Planning Your Stay

Arrive at San Diego’s International Airport Lindbergh Field, where a taxi or hotel shuttle will take you a hotel for your overnight in San Diego.

7:30 a.m. – Check out of Hotel. Car service from hotel to Lifewellness Institute.

8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. – Executive Physical. (We recommend that blood work be done prior to your arrival at the Lifewellness Institute. Lifewellness will issue a lab prescription in your home town prior to your arrival. If this is not possible, your blood will be drawn during this visit, and a physician will review your results with you over the phone on Wednesday at the Ranch.)
During your appointment, you will be given guidance regarding your stay at The Ranch, such as items to avoid or indulge in during meals, appropriate exercise classes, and suggested spa treatments.

12:00 p.m. to 1:00 pm. – A healthy lunch with your physician. Your doctor will review and summarize your test results and recommendations. This information will also be provided on a USB drive for you to keep.

1:00 p.m. – Car service from Lifewellness to the San Diego airport where a Rancho La Puerta charter bus will meet you at 2:30. Departure is at 2:45 p.m.

Arrive at Rancho La Puerta – An Executive Wellness Navigator will meet you upon arrival.

9:00 a.m. – Meet with Ranch nutritionist and exercise expert to plan your week-long program.

You will have a one-on-one follow-up meeting with your nutritionist and your exercise specialist, each of whom will provide you with take-home tools, knowledge, and an expert plan for maintaining a healthy future.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lifewellness Institute?
LifewellnessFounded in 2001 by Dr. Lee Rice, Lifewellness Institute is a state-of-the-art wellness center in San Diego staffed by a team of leading authorities in sports medicine, family medicine, exercise physiology and nutrition. Team members at Lifewellness Institute develop personal relationships with each client and together, create and administer individualized programs to help clients reach goals and attain optimal health. You can read more about Lifewellness Institute here, and learn more about Dr. Lee Rice and his staff here.

Do I need to fast before having my blood work done?
Yes, there are some blood tests that require you to fast for 12 hours.  Ideally, we will utilize a laboratory close to your home or work so that you may complete your blood draw at least four days before your physical exam. Having your blood drawn before your physical will allow the Lifewellness doctors to review the results with you when you visit.

How do I get an order for blood work to my primary care physician?
You don’t need to!  Lifewellness will order the labs under their account. All results will be sent directly back to them.

Do I have a choice between a male or female doctor?
Yes!  I if you have a preference please let the scheduler know.

How is it determined whether I need a chest Xray?
Unless there are symptoms or circumstances that warrant exposure to radiation, chest X-rays are done every 10 years for non-smokers and every year for smokers. If you’ve never had a chest X-ray, it’s never too late to start a baseline.

Will my doctor need a list of medications and/or supplements I’m taking?
To get the most out of our Executive Wellness Package and to give you the best and most comprehensive feedback, the Lifewellness Staff will need as much information as possible. Past and current medications, illnesses and disease processes will be discussed during the comprehensive medical exam.

What if I have injuries or illnesses that limit what kinds of exercise I can do?
Lifewellness Institute’s board certified physicians and other staff members will take any injuries, and illnesses—as well as any dietary limitations—into account as they design a program to meet your specific needs. What makes our Executive Wellness Program unique is the precision with which our team members at both Rancho La Puerta and Lifewellness Institute approach the development of your personalized program.

Lifewellness Institute

About Lifewellness Institute & Dr. E. Lee Rice D.O., F.A.A.F.P., F.A.C.S.M., F.A.O.A.S.M

DrRiceDr. Lee Rice is an internationally known authority in sports medicine, wellness and preventative medicine. In 1980 he founded the San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center, which at the time was a revolutionary concept focusing on cutting-edge prevention and high level performance.  In 2002, Dr. Rice founded the Lifewellness Institute, specializing in health risk evaluation, wellness and health promotion.  Two innovative programs, Project L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle Interventions for Executives) and Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) helped the Lifewellness Institute win the national 2004 AstraZeneca Healthy Heart Award in recognition of initiating a “dramatic improvement in the health care environment focusing on the global fight against coronary heart disease”.  Dr. Rice was the recipient of the 2005 San Diego Chamber of Commerce award for the most innovative business design for the Chief Wellness Officer program. He is a board certified physician in Family Practice with a CAQ in Sports Medicine and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Rice is an associate clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine, and current full clinical professor at Western University of Health Sciences. In July 2009 he was honored as the recipient of the Dr. Jerry C. Lee Endowed Chair at National University, with the responsibility of furthering the aims of the Center for Integrative Health.

He has authored numerous texts and medical journal articles in the areas of wellness and sports medicine and lectures on these topics regularly to medical schools, medical conventions and the business community in the United States and abroad.

He is a co-founder and past president of the first organization of primary care sports medicine specialists in the United States, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.  Dr. Rice is a founder, past president and Fellow of the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. In 1993, he was appointed by Governor Pete Wilson as Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee to the California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has served as team physician for many professional, Olympic and University teams including the San Diego Chargers (NFL), San Diego Clippers (NBA), San Diego Gulls (ECHL), San Diego Soccers (MISL), San Diego Spirit (WUSA) and San Diego State University.  He was a volunteer venue physician for the Summer Olympic Games in 1984 in Los Angeles and has served as head team physician for the Men’s and Women’s USA National Volleyball Teams.  He has been medical director and team physician for four America’s Cup sailing regattas, most recently for Oracle BMW Racing during the campaign in Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2011, the Father’s Day Council and the American Diabetes Association identified Dr. Rice as one who balances his personal life, serves as a role model for his children and makes a positive difference in the community by honoring him with a “Father of the Year” Award.

Dr. Rice’s community activities include serving as Chairman for San Diego Senior Olympics, medical director of the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, past board member of the San Diego and Point Loma YMCAs and serving as a facilitator for groups building homes for the poor in Mexico with Youth with a Mission.  He serves on National University’s Board of Trustees, as well as a board member for the American Heart Association.

Lee and Mary, his wife and life partner of 43 years, live in San Diego.  They have two adult daughters, Kelly and Katie.

Visit www.mylwi.com for more details



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