We don’t just help you feed your mind and soul at Rancho La Puerta. More than sixty years of culinary creativity, experimentation and dietary research in our kitchens have culminated in a superb, all-natural diet. Largely vegetarian, it is low in fat, sodium, and refined flour and sugar — while high in energy, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. But lest you think you’re in for a week of eating something akin to cardboard, don’t despair: Delicious and beautifully presented, the meals at Rancho La Puerta will have you coming back for seconds, if not thirds.

Portions can be abundant thanks to our recipes’ low calorie counts as well as your activity-filled days.

We offer weekly talks by experts in the field of nutrition.  Topics vary based on current relevancy and expertise. Join the Ranch Circle to view your weekly schedule for nutrition topics and experts.

Private consultations are available, email

Nutrition Talks

Insightful exploration into the world of organic food and health.(Details posted in Lounge)

Nutrition Consultation

Personal advice on creating a nutrition program that fits your everyday life. (Additional fee)


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