Welcome National Charity League!

The care we invest in ourselves is fundamental to the impact we make, which is why we’re happy to support you with original self-care programming just for NCL Members.

In order to help sustain the phenomenal philanthropic impact you’re making, NCL and Rancho La Puerta have partnered to develop customized content focused on personal development, philanthropy, and cultural experiences.

Why the Partnership? 

The Ranch is a world-renown pioneering mind-body wellness resort, operated by a mother-daughter team who are also dedicated to philanthropic endeavors. For over 78 years, lives have been transformed through innovative classes and activities focused on fitness, nutrition, and inner journey experiences.

In alignment with NCL’s goals, The Ranch’s community action non-profit, Fundación La Puerta, actively supports local projects, including an orphanage and programs focused on Urban Planning and Conservation, Environmental Education, and Cultural experiences.

Tell Me More About the Programming…

By creating self-care programming such as healthy recipes with farm-fresh flavors, mindfulness video getaways, fun Latin dance classes, and more, we’re doing everything possible to make your NCL Experience wonderful!

Whether you click on a helpful video, attend a wellness workshop at Conference, add self-care programming into your Chapter activities, or visit to The Ranch’s welcoming resort at preferred NCL rates, all goes to filling your cup and so you can maximize your impact on the world.

Get a Deeper Look into The Ranch

We are aligned in a mutual mission to be more and do more, all while maintaining a healthy, positive life balance. Enjoy this video about The Ranch:


“Rancho La Puerta and NCL are aligned in their intention and mutual desire to accomplish philanthropic work…The Ranch provides a perfect opportunity for mothers and daughters to connect, pursue their health objectives and have fun all in one place.”
– Lin Meyer, Friend and Supporter of NCL  

“The Ranch was an awesome experience. I will definitely be back. The staff was great and everything was perfectly organized.”
– Tracy Cummings, NCL Member



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