Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa

awardsAt Rancho La Puerta, fitness resort and spa you escape from life’s stress and distractions on a healthy vacation. The Ranch encourages integrative wellness for women and men of all ages and fitness levels through exciting, energetic fitness options, delicious organic cuisine, and pure fun and relaxation …all in a tranquil setting in the shadow of Baja California’s mystical Mt. Kuchumaa.

Founded in 1940, Rancho La Puerta started the modern Fitness Revolution…and we’re still on the cutting edge of resort spa vacations today.


Plan each day to be your personal symphony of activity and relaxation: hourly fitness classes balance with spa treatments and meals…or a swing in one of our many hammocks. Our expert fitness staff in residence is always on hand to provide a full program during any and every week.

Spa Rancho La Puerta
Spa…our treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants grown in our organic gardens at Tres Estrellas.

Fitness Rancho La Puerta
Fitness…our schedule allows you to balance your day with fitness and relaxation. Rancho La Puerta offers a host of fitness classes, including ab conditioning, indoor cycling, and water workouts.
Well-Being…our Wellness Programs, Natural Wellness therapies, Mindfulness sessions, and Nutrition are guided, taught and/or treated by expert practitioners.

Cuisine Rancho La Puerta
Diningour diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian, includes a seafood “catch of the day” five to six times a week for dinner, and several times for lunch.

AccomodationsYour “room” is really a freestanding villa of luxurious style and privacy. It’s your personal refuge for the week.


Embrace Your Life. Start Today.
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