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Up Close | Daryl Stuermer


Week of Apr 21 – Apr 27, 2018

Concert Footage of Genesis & Phil Collins

Daryl Stuermer will talk about his experiences touring the world since 1978
with Genesis & Phil Collins. He’ll show excerpts from the 2007 DVD “When in
Rome” as well as footage from Phil Collins’ “Live in Monteux” and clips of
The Daryl Stuermer Band. It will be an informal story-telling format with
behind the scenes stories from the road, followed by a Q & A.


Solo Concert: “Up Close with Daryl Stuermer”

Daryl Stuermer of Genesis & Phil Collins will perform a solo concert
with his “MacBook Pro Band.” You will experience an eclectic mix of his
melodic, jazz-rock-fusion solo compositions, as well as rocking out with
some of his favorite songs and stories from the Genesis years.


Music Inspiration

Songs, stories and fun facts about how different sounds are created on the
electric guitar. Hear famous riffs and licks from the 1960’s to the present.
Informal Q & A format.