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Folklore and Stories | Rabbi Michael R. Zedek


Week of Apr 28 – May 4, 2018

Folklore and Stories: A Window to the Soul
Scholars suggest there are only a certain number of plots – all else is elaboration. How then do different cultures and groups tell the “same” story? What does the way such stories are told reveal about the values and dreams of different communities? Why do stories fascinate us so, cause us to remember and help us grow?


Miracles of the Ordinary: A Journey to Everyday Spirituality
Just about everyone has experienced some exceptional moment of heightened consciousness – a time with nature, the birth of a child or some great event. Discover the key to the fullest expression of life: finding the miraculous in the ordinary or routine moments.


Stories for Leaders
Advice on management strategies is everywhere you look. Why, then, is change so difficult, if not impossible to achieve? This exciting presentation takes a look at classic folklore, storytelling and leadership for today!